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Fencing Haywards Heath

At Gardener Haywards heath we offer the most economically feasible fencing services in Haywards Heath. We ensure the best quality wood with stylish design and construction patterns that are durable and feasible in all the aspects.

Gardener Haywards Heath are one of the top-rated fencing contractors in Mid Sussex. We will happily undertake any job form fixing o replacing a panel to undertaking major fencing projects either in contemporary or more traditional fencing solutions.

Our staff many of them who have been through the local Plumpton College Agricultural college as skilled and experience are skilled and experienced al all areas of installation, customization, repair and renovation, and maintenance services. Simply drop us a line on here or give us a call and we will come out and access your needs

  • 7 days a Week Availability, Regardless of the weather
  • Price Includes All Equipment & Tools Needed
  • 150 litres of Green Garden Waste Disposal for Free
  • Fully insured & Reliable Expert Gardeners
What's Included?

Modern Fencing

The modern British fencing styles we offer at Gardener Haywards heath  comprise of slatted panels with natural and painted surface finishing. We can install them on your patios, gardens, rooftops, property surroundings any other places of your requirements. They allow maximum volume of light through them and create delightful shadow patterns. We can add railings, panels, hinges and screws, fencing posts, lighting devices and other aesthetic enhancing components for the fencing. Here is a brief listing of modern fencing types we can install for you.

  • Mirrored camouflage
  • Horizontal Slats
  • Vertical wooden fences
  • Bamboo patterned fences
  • Rustic style fences
  • Shadowbox fences
  • Cedar fencing
  • Conclave model fences etc.
Why Us?

Fencing Burgess Hill

Our fencing services at Burgess Hill region include painting and surface finishing, design customization and installation of security options. We can transform your fences into modern and traditional pieces of art and exterior décor with our artistic works.

What to Expect?

Traditional Fencing

  • Fencing Panels: We can provide you with the best of fencing panels with traditional design and construction. Rounded pales, pointed pales, lap panels, composite panels and feather edge panels are some of the traditional styles we can install.
  • Fencing Specifications: We can customize the fencing height, length, wedges, hinges, screw holes, panel width, clearance gaps, horizontal panels, nailing methods, post and rail dimensions and other related parameters according to your specific requirements.
  • Fencing Types: The traditional fencing types we source at Gardener Haywards
  • Fencing Installation: We can install the traditional fencing around your property, garden, garage, farmhouse, agricultural lands, and other constructions. Our initial survey and help us in determining the fencing material, length and height, wood density, accessories and parts and other supplies. We can calculate the number of working hours, workforce and other requirements after analyzing the location and landscape. Then we provide you with the best quote which includes all the details and descriptions. We suggest you consider the quality of wood, finishing, and the protection features also while comparing.
  • Maintenance: At Gardener Haywards Heath, we also undertake the repair, remodeling, and maintenance of traditional fencing.
What clients are saying
  • Really good friedly service. The garden is looking great.  

    Tom Haywards Heath
  • Couldn't do enough to Help. reliable and well priced.  

    Mrs.S.Turner Mid Sussex
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