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Over the years Gardener Haywards Heath have sourced and installed the best artificial grass for homes, offices, commercial and industrial establishments, and sports grounds in Sussex. We “The Art of artificial grass laying ” in artificial grass installations is pairing the correct materials for the individual client and that stems from knowing our clients.

What is right for Peter is not necessarily right for Paul, or Paulette so getting to know our clients, understanding their needs and the limitations of their properties and the best available products is key.

Some of things we consider during the design are pile size and height, quality, durability, coverage area, drainage, water recycling, landscape, etc. Our goal is to create the best layouts for your specific requirements and to British Standards.

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What's Included?

Artificial Grass West Sussex – Top Design Features Necessary parameters

The selection procedures of artificial grass varies for homes, playgrounds, commercial buildings and industrial establishments. Some of the best types we recommend for your home garden are made from antimicrobial base, antistatic fiber, durable adhesives, safe infill, and high performance elastic pads. Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and nylon are some of the common, fibers. The design of backing, infill, and the texture determines the quality of the material. At Haywards Heath Gardener we aim to recommend and install the best products your specific needs.

  • Technical Specifications: At Gardener Haywards Heath , you can find the best choice of artificial grass with custom-made specifications. Variable parameters like color, material combination, pile height, gauge, stitch, backing and coating, and the roll diameters are precisely according to the requirements of your garden.
  • Blade Shape: The blade shape of the artificial grass contributes to its natural appearance, softness, load-bearing capacity, flexibility, durability, light permeability and heat reflection. Antimicrobial properties of the blades ensure safety for your children while they play. The natural, washable feature makes it easy to eliminate pet waste (c base drainage for liquids and edge drains for removal of solid wastes by washing) and preserve the hygienic conditions. Some of the familiar shapes we supply are the W, S, C, U, M, double-w and diamond. Every form has its unique characteristics and functional features.
  • Backing Material: Perforated and porous nature of the backing material makes it easy for the natural draining to pass the water and liquids into the soil beneath the grass.
  • Versatile Functionality: The functionality features of our artificial grass cover shock absorption, slip-free surface, firm foot grip, excellent drainage, natural appearance, germ free structure and support for high foot traffic and static load. They are highly durable under harsh climatic conditions. Most of our artificial grass types require little or no maintenance. Most commonly used materials are polyurethane and latex which have long durability and load bearing property. We can install the grass directly over soil, aggregates or concrete surface, depending on the nature of the landscape.
  • Material Quality: The top quality of artificial turf we install is due to the adhesives, microbe resistant additives, compact structure, infill density and the shock attenuation pads.
Why Us?

Artificial Grass Sussex – Service Quality

At Gardener Haywards Heath, we follow the best industry principles and practices for the selection, supply, installation, and maintenance of artificial grass in Sussex. Our quality service standards are trusted for the residential houses and flats, restaurants and pubs, parks and recreational grounds, sports grounds and plenty of other applications.

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You can call our helpdesk now or support team for a live demo of our products, technology, and the installation procedures.  You can also request a site inspection and quote by contacting us through our email.

What to Expect?

Artificial Grass East Sussex –For the Best British Sports Grounds

Our experts can play an essential role in the base preparation stages, which happen before the installation. We can provide consultations and active services for the following activities.

  • Site Planning: Our site planning engineers at Fantastic Gardens  can analyze the landscape, slopes, nearby drainage units, soil type and density, safety and protection parameters and the probable risk factors in the initial stages.  Based on the results, we can create the best plan for your sports grounds in your school, college, sports club and other organizations. The nature of sports you play on the ground also determines the type and quality of artificial grass we install.
  • Drainage Installation: Porous backing can take care of surface drainage wherein the water passes into the sub-soil through the aggregates. In some cases, the running water volume is more than what the surface can drain. Our edge drainage columns help in thoroughly training the water within few minutes.
  • Infill Characteristics: The infill materials we use could be soft rubber, PE, PP, or organic. Frequent inspection and maintenance procedures ensure timely replacement. We also fill additives which contain antimicrobial ingredients. They not only kill the germs and bacteria but also prevent their deposition and growth. Our filling methods ensure maximum density and packing strength of the infill. They don’t wash way due to rain, flood or cleaning procedures.
  • Soil Excavation: This procedure involves excavating machines to remove the hard rock, stones and other obstacles from the base layer. The depth of the base depends on the density of aggregates you wish to fill. The sand, crushed-fiberglass, and concrete are some of the commonly used materials.
  • Grass Installation: Our grass installation procedures start from the initial roller dimension selection. Our goal is to cover the entire ground with no visible gaps in between. We can provide final shaping the turfs after installation by cutting, trimming and decking the sides and corners. We use high-quality anti-rusting nails and fasteners to bind the grass to the ground. The top of the pins are made from rubber and other soft synthetic fiber to avoid injuries to the players. Moreover, the infill materials we use can practically cover the entire top surface. The distance we keep between the two successive fasteners across the length and width ensures maximum safety and stability.
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