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At Gardener Haywards Heath , we have a dedicated team of specialist tree surgeons who perform highly demanding task of tree protection, trimming, removal and maintenance in your garden or place of work. They conform to the BS-3998-2010 standards and guidelines in principle and practice. We have insured our equipment, the personnel and procedures for damages to your property from all the possible risks.

Tree Surgeon Haywards Heath – Competency Standards

  • Training: Our tree surgeons go through the best of training sessions in defect identification, analysis, pruning methods, safety standards and protective gears, prevention of property damage, safe uprooting and cutting procedures and disposal of the tree parts from your garden. They are certified by the environmental agency and the BS-3998-2010 organization for carrying out the operations.
  • Experience: Our tree surgeons have many years of practical experience in working with various tree species in the Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill regions. We can diagnose the different types of defects, including the decaying parts, wounded sections, discoloration and others from the roots to the top of the tree.
  • 7 days a Week Availability, Regardless of the weather
  • Price Includes All Equipment & Tools Needed
  • 150 litres of Green Garden Waste Disposal for Free
  • Fully insured & Reliable Expert Gardeners
What's Included?

Tree Surgery Operations

  • Shortening/removal of dead branches
  • Identification and removal of weak spots
  • Formative pruning Crown Lifting
  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown reduction
  • Pollarding
  • Crack filling
  • Reshaping

Our procedures can extend the trees’ lifespan and protect your property from potential damages.  Whenever it is not possible to perform any of the above operations, we recommend the complete removal of the trees. There are many critical situations in which we remove the trees. We have listed a few of them here.

  • Weak roots pose the threat of tree fall.
  • Roots penetrate through the property walls, basement, and the foundation.
  • Complete decay of the tree core.
  • The number of wounds exceeds the tolerance limit. Etc.
Why Us?

Tree Surgeon Burgess Hill – Principles and Practices

We conduct an initial investigation and tests for evaluating the soil conditions, landscape, and the tree health. Here, we can identify the defective areas and the surgical methods. We weigh the benefits and limitations of each procedure and decide on the best approach. We also plan for the required equipment and tools, materials, safety gears and other machinery to safeguard the tree and your property. Root protection is one of the critical priorities of our operations that ensure the probability of re-growth shortly.

During this phase, we document some of the critical parameters like the tree age, soil condition, height and diameter, tree species, physical condition, expected lifespan, crown spread and clearance, potential threats to your property, etc. We also diagnose the various parts of the tree, including the roots, stem, branches, leaves and the core for defects and wounds.

Tree Surgery Methods

After the preparation of documents and consultations with you, we can suggest the best recommendable procedures and then we choose the best possible method and complete the procedures. Tree Pruning

Our tree pruning procedures consider the property safety and tree protection parameters in detail. We ensure the extended lifespan of your favorite tree with our quality service standards.

Crown Thinning

We follow the best practices of crown thinning to remove only the branches which pose the potential risk to our property and their health conditions. Our particular diagnosis methods ensure the best of results.

What to Expect?

Logs Haywards Heath

Gardener Haywards Heath has a constant supply of top quality burning logs ideal for Homes fires, log burners or for puns and restaurants delivered to you.

We season our logs over 12 months and usually your logs will be between 12-24 months old and with an ideal moisture content of around 20%. We deliver by the half pick up load (approx. and not limited to 0.6 cubic metres)  and is a good load for £60

The loads tend to be a mix of mainly  hard woods, but with enough notice we can sometimes provide particular preferred varieties.


While all woods burn better when seasoned different woods do have different burning charactrisitcs

  • Ash – Generally the favorite of wood burners favorite as it produces you a steady flame and will give you a strong heat output.
  • Beech –  A very good wood for burning. Burns quite similarly  to Ash.
  • Birch – A very good heat  output but, Ash can burn quite quickly
  • Hawthorn – Not often seen these days as firewood. Hawthorn will burn slowly, but give you and strong heat output.
  • Horse chestnut – Very good for woodburning stoves, but less popular for open grills as it can spit. It produces a good flame and strong heat output.
  • Oak – The density of the wood produces a small flame and very slow burn, great for stacking a wood burner up overnight though!
  • Robinia – A good burning wood mainly used in wood burners as it’s smoke can be unpleasant. Robina will give you a good heat and doesn’t burn too quick.
  • Thorn – Again not commonly see that much as fire wood , but thorn gives you a steady flame and very strong heat output without producing excess smoke.
  • Apple – Quite a pleasant variety to burn is seasoned apple. It does have a low small flame , but gives a nice smelling smoke.

Logs Burgess Hill

With proper notice we can also cut to preferred sizes with in an agreeable flexibility. Some grate sizes preclude the larger log sizes and some people prefer bigger logs as it will take longer to burn through, but be assured when ordering your logs through Gardener Haywards Heath you can be assured of the best valued seasoned logs in Mid Sussex delivered to your garden or drive by courteous and often smiling staff!

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